Things to Know Before Hiring a Mover in Los Angeles

by | May 6, 2013 | Moving

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Moving is a stressful time, but you can eliminate some of the stress by hiring a professional Mover Los Angeles to help you pack and move your items. Before you hire a company, here are some things you should know.

Research the Moving Company

Before you hire a moving company, check their record. Check for complaints with the Better Business Bureau, and ask friends for recommendations. Verify a potential Mover Los Angeles company’s licenses with the department of transportation.


The moving company will have limited insurance coverage against damaged or lost goods, but you should also check with your homeowners insurance to see if it also covers your items while they are being moved. You may want to consider adding a transient insurance supplement to your policy.

Information for the Movers

Before you move, you should inform the Mover Los Angeles company of your current and new home locations. Tell them about stairs and other obstacles at each home so they are prepared for extra time.

Also inform them of low lying tree branches or tree wires in either neighborhood in case they need to find an alternate route while transporting your items.


Your contract should state the cost of the move and the date. It should state the date that they are packing your belongings and the date they will deliver them to your new home.

Do not leave your old home until all of your things are packed. You need to sign paperwork stating that the movers packed all of your items.

Important Items

If there are items that you do not want lost or handled with extra care, consider moving these in your own car. Items like jewelry, wills, computers, artwork and expensive collections are safer when packed in the family car and not the moving van. You may also consider storing them in a safe deposit box until you are moved.

Even though you are paying the movers to do their job, it is still a nice gesture to leave bottled water and snacks for the employees. This isn’t required, but it will help the day go smoother if everyone stays well fed and hydrated.

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