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Things to know about window installation

More than anything, window installation takes time and patience. The typical process usually requires the existing glass pane to be taken out, the rule seems to be, the smaller the pane, the easier the job of Window installation Rochester NY.

When doing a window installation, remember to transport and store the glass in the vertical position. Carrying a glass pane can be awkward at best, but attempting to carry it horizontally can easily result in a broken pane, it will break under its own weight. To better maneuver the glass, fashion a handle or two from duct tape, another clever idea for moving glass panes is to take an old section of garden hose, cut it to the width of the glass and split the hose from one end to the other. The two hose sections can then be slid over the glass pane top and bottom. It gives the person carrying the glass additional grip and provides an element of safety should the pane slip.

As you go about the window installation, make sure you are very careful when removing the old pane. Glass can give a nasty cut so safe handling is paramount. If the old pane is broke, use a length of duct tape to hold the broken glass sections together. First, remove the old glazing putty; when it has been removed the glass may simply fall out in sections. During this stage, wear safety glasses and gloves.

Once the pane is secured with duct tape and the putty has been removed, push the broken sections from the backside, away from you. Once all the shards have been removed, it is time to focus on installation of the new glass.

When you make the measurements for the replacement pane, do not make the fit too tight. The window moves perceptibly during weather changes and the pressure exerted on the glass can easily break it. The professionals who do Window installation Rochester NY suggest leaving a 1/16th inch gap all around, this equates to having the pane cut 1/8th inch smaller in both directions.

Once the pane has been cut to size, either at the glass shop or at home, the rabbet must be scrapped clean of all old putty and sanded smooth. The rabbet is the flat notch where the pane sits. Give the exposed wood in the rabbet a cost of primer paint; this will stop the linseed oil in the glazing putty from soaking into the wooden frame.

Run a light bead of latex caulking around the inside of the rabbet, this acts as a shock absorber and evens out any irregularities in the rabbet surface. Set the glass pane in place and, using a putty knife, push in a series of glaziers points to hold the pane in place. Apply the glazing compound around the pane; smooth it with a putty knife which has been dipped in primer paint.