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Services Offered by Minneapolis Dry Cleaners

While many people use Minneapolis Dry Cleaners for items that cannot be laundered at home, it pays to know these establishments offer some other services. At one time or another, most customers will need some additional help with their clothing and make use of one of those services. Here are some examples. Minor Sewing ProjectsIt is not unusual for Minneapolis Dry Cleaners to have people on staff who are handy with a needle and thread. This comes in handy when the buttons on a jacket are a little loose or the waist of a pair of pants needs taking in. Cleaners can also help with hemming pants from a newly acquired suit, raising or lowering the hem of a skirt, or taking care of ripped seams. Basic Laundry Services for people who do not have time to do laundry, it is nice to know that some of the cleaning services around town will take on the task. The clothing can be dropped off, along with any special instructions that the customer chooses to provide. From there, an attendant will make sure the clothing is properly washed, dried, and folded. With some garments, it is also possible to have them pressed before they are picked up. Thanks to this type of support, it is easy enough to get the laundry done and still have time for other important matters. Cleaning Household ItemsClothing is not the only thing that can be cleaned by a dry cleaner. Just about any type of fabric used in a home is acceptable. This includes drapery panels, tablecloths, and even small area rugs. This type of support comes in handy when there is a stain on a tablecloth and the owner is not sure how to go about removing it without damaging the material. Whatever the need, the team at Pilgrim Cleaners can help. Bundle up anything that needs laundering or cleaning, or could use the touch of someone who knows how to handle a needle and thread. In no time at all, the projects will be complete, and the items will be ready to go home.