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Having the land and the design are only the first of many steps in seeing your dream of a new home come true. Selecting an affordable residential contractor in Saint Augustine FL is the key factor in assuring that your newly constructed home is well built, is completed on time and within the agreed upon budget.

Very few people know how to obtain the necessary building permits and the other legal necessities during construction as well as hire, manage and pay sub contractors etc. If you can do all these things then by all means you are capable of acting as your own general contractor, if not then you must find a residential contractor in Saint Augustine FL to do the work; building homes is the thing they do best.

To find qualified residential contractor use the same search procedure you would if you were looking for any other skilled tradesman such as a plumber or electrician. The best way is through personal recommendations but if that fails don’t hesitate to visit a building supply company and ask for names of contractors they know to be reputable. Another great source is real estate agents, people who see fine homes every day.

Once you have assembled your list its time to begin the process of short listing the candidates. Before you even meet them contact them and pre-qualify them with a simple question; do you carry liability, property damage and workman’s compensation insurance and if so, what is the insured amount? Also make sure they are licensed with the state. If the contractor satisfies these questions arrange to meet for more in depth discussions.

Prior to this initial meeting make sure you have put together the specifications of the home you want built. The requirements should be as specific as possible because with this information the bidder can provide a far more accurate proposal. Include in your specifications the various materials that you want used for the roofing, siding, insulation type, doors, windows, heating and air conditioning system and even the appliances you want supplied and installed as part of the contract. The contractors bid should be valid for at least 30 days and must include start and completion dates.

A residential contractor in Saint Augustine FL must also meet the test of rapport which is very important as you embark on this undertaking. When you meet the potential contractors pay particular attention to the level of communication that you have between you; as important as the overall cost is the chemistry between the owner and the contractor.

Once you have made your final choice of residential contractor in Saint Augustine FL, check with the Better Business Bureau and follow up on any references.

From plans and permits to the handover of the keys you will need to trust your choice of residential contractor in Saint Augustine FL to build you the home of your dreams.