Questions to Ask When Choosing an Electrician in Scranton, PA Aug23


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Questions to Ask When Choosing an Electrician in Scranton, PA

Not all electricians are the same. When a homeowner or business owner needs to hire an Electrician in Scranton PA, it’s crucial to request multiple bids and consider various factors during the decision-making process. The experts recommend asking these questions when evaluating local electricians.

Does the Company Have Worker’s Compensation Coverage and Bonding?

Regardless of a project’s complexity, customers should ensure that contractors have their own insurance and bonding. Worker’s compensation coverage protects home and business owners from liability for on-the-job injuries, and bonding protects customers in the event that something goes wrong. If a contractor is unable or unwilling to answer this question, look elsewhere.

Does the Contractor Have a Current State License?

Not all contractors advertising electrical services are licensed, especially those that focus on smaller projects. Furthermore, not every electrician adheres to professional standards and stays up to date on code requirements. Customers should insist that contractors follow licensing and code requirements, as failure to do so may mean extra costs to redo non-compliant jobs.

Is it a Drug-Free Workplace?

Not all contractors have company-wide drug use policies, but it’s important to choose an Electrician in Scranton PA who is drug-free. When interviewing electricians, ask them about their drug use and company testing policies.

How Experienced is the Contractor?

The more experienced an electrician is, the better the service he or she can provide. Most electricians complete three- to five-year apprenticeship programs and continuing education courses, and when they do so, they keep their skills updated.

Are Workers Local?

Many commercial and residential customers prefer knowing that they’re working with local electricians. By hiring local workers, contractors know who they’re sending into customers’ homes and businesses and they are more confident in electricians’ work habits and skills.

How Long Has the Company Been in the Field, and Are References Available?

These are elementary questions that reputable contractors should quickly and confidently answer. It is important for contractors to demonstrate a history of quality work, and electricians should willingly provide references. A company’s reputation can’t be over-valued, nor can its quality of service.

There’s tremendous peace of mind in knowing the job is in the right hands. By asking the above questions during the evaluation phase, customers will be reassured of quality work and value from their chosen electrician. Visit the website or call Quality Electric to schedule service.