No Roof Damage When You Insist on No Pressure Roof Cleaning in Miami FL

The roofing material used on many homes in South Florida is cement tiles. With proper care and maintenance, terracotta roofing tiles, cement tiles, or conventional asphalt shingles can last for many years.

Over time, all roofing material gets dirty. In many cases, algae forms on the surface as well. Roof algae thrive in warm and humid climates. It usually appears on the north side of the roof. It is here where moisture tends to accumulate because of the lack of direct sun. Roof algae can quickly cause roof deterioration and damage. No pressure roof cleaning in Miami FL can quickly and with no damage to the roof surface, eliminate accumulated dirt, grime, and harmful algae.

No Pressure Roof Cleaning

High-pressure washing will certainly remove dirt and algae. It will also knock years off the life expectancy of the roof. Roof tiles are porous. High-pressure washing not only removes contaminants, but it also scours away the surface.

The key to safe and effective roof cleaning is the use of low-pressure chemical cleaning. Although power washing and soft washing both use water under pressure, the force of water in a no pressure roof cleaning system is little more than in a regular garden hose. It is a combination of eco-friendly chemical cleaning agents, and low-pressure water, that remove stains, leaving the roof surface looking like new.

The Benefits of No Pressure Roof Cleaning

Soft washing is far superior to pressure cleaning. The results are better, and the process avoids causing roof damage. Soft washing does not use high-pressure water to clean the roof surface. This low-pressure method of cleaning preserves surface integrity.

Effective, eco-friendly chemicals clean the roof surface better than power washing and rinsing. The chemical used in the process destroys algae and mildew at the molecular level. The roof surface is cleaner and stays cleaner much longer.

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