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Why You May Want To Think Twice About Not Hiring An Attorney For Social Security Disability in Tulsa OK

For most people, applying for social security benefits means facing an uphill battle. Gathering medical evidence, keeping up with court requests and deadlines, and having to wait months for a decision means that you’ll have a tedious road ahead of you. However, it’s also important to know that hiring a good attorney can not only make the process much easier, it can also increase your chances of success. No matter which stage of the process you are in, continue reading to find out how an attorney can be of assistance to you.

The Initial Application

When you file your claim, a judge will want to see medical evidence from your current medical doctor to prove that this is true. For this reason, you’ll need to obtain a full copy of your medical records and arrange your medical evidence so that it paints a clear picture of your disability to the Administrative Law Judge who will be handling your case. Unfortunately, handling this in the wrong way could lead to a denial for Social Security Disability in Tulsa OK. A social security disability attorney will have the necessary know-how to evaluate your medical records, arrange and present them in the best light, create a brief for the judge, and help you prepare for questioning so that you don’t say or do anything to risk your possible approval.

Going Through The Appeals Process

Whether you have received a denial or you need to challenge your established onset date, filing an appeal can bring even more frustration. Challenging a judge’s decision means providing additional medical or financial evidence in an effort to correct any errors in the initial application that may have led to the unfavorable decision. Before and during the appeals process, an experienced attorney can advise you on selecting that evidence and assist you with obtaining it so that you can increase your chances of an approval the second time around.

The process of obtaining benefits for Social Security Disability in Tulsa OK can be difficult, but trying to do it on your own can make things even harder. If you need help with your Social Security benefits claim or appeal, contact the Hale Law Office, P.L.L.C. those who visit their website will get redirected here at Sitename to learn more about how you can speak with an attorney about developing a solid strategy for fighting for the money you need and deserve.