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Learning About Wood Flooring In Manhattan

Wood flooring instantly makes a room look rich. Add a beautiful rug, and your floor is a thing of beauty. You can purchase several types of Wood Flooring in Manhattan, but which one is best?

Solid wood flooring is made of planks of wood that haven’t been altered in any manner. Oak is a popular choice in solid wood flooring. Brazilian Cherry is another popular choice. Foreign woods are more durable and more expensivethan American woods. Your home has to have an even level of humidity for solid wood floors. Too much humidity causes the floor to warp, and very dry air can cause cracks in the wood.

Engineered wood is another choice for wood flooring installation. Engineered wood is made of several stacks of wood glued together and pressurized to form a plank. This type of flooring doesn’t react to humidity at all. People like engineered wood because it can be installed over a pre-existing floor like concrete or particle board.

Wood Flooring in Manhattan also sells what’s called a floating floor. A floating floor is unique in that you don’t need nails or glue for installation. The planks interlock with each other, like a puzzle.

There’s a variety of finishes for hardwood floors. Cherry wood is loved for its warm, rich glow. Cherry goes with a variety of furniture styles from traditional to modern. Maple is another popular finish. Maple has a range of colors from very pale blonds to deeper shades.

When you consider wood flooring installation, remember taking care of the floor is going to be a different animal. Wood floors can scratch. If you have pets, you have to keep their nails trimmed. Moving furniture across a hardwood floor is not a good idea. It’s a good idea to use floor mats or carpet runners in high traffic areas.

Wood floors should be cleaned with the type of cleaner recommended for that floor. An electrostatic dust mop is a good tool for wood floors. You can easily keep the dust off the floor with a dry mop. There are several spray cleaners that can be used periodically to clean the floor more thoroughly. Wood floors are an investment in your home, and the owner needs to learn how to protect them.