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Keeping Soil Healthy

Top soil is the most important part of gardening and farming. This soil is the upper few inches of the soil, and it is where seeds are planted, where roots take hold, and where plants get their nutrients. Having healthy topsoil is the quickest way to ensure that plants will remain healthy and that they will flourish with as little effort as possible. However, top soil is also one of the most susceptible portions of the earth in which crops and other plants are planted. In order to avoid erosion and depletion of nutrients, it is important to understand both what types of top soil in Connecticut are available as well as what types of weather and climate conditions will affect the amount and quality.

One of the purposes of those who sell top soil in Connecticut is to ensure that the soil used has the richest variation of nutrients. Some of this soil is manufactured from other sources. For example, many top soil companies provide soil that is made from recycled trees and tree stumps. This not only helps to recycle the dead trees that individuals take out from yards and other areas, but also ensures that specific types of nutrients are put back into the soil. Because it is so important that plants are well fed, utilizing the recycling power of top soil in Connecticut can make a major difference in how gardens and crops are handled. This is especially helpful when natural resources have taken their toll on the quality of the top soil. Though many farmers and gardeners are able to rotate crops and foliage to cater to what types of nutrients are still in the soil, there are some who may not have that luxury. The problem with planting the same crop or type of plant in the same area year after year is that specific nutrients become sparse and it is much harder for those plants to flourish. As a result, farmers and gardeners add top soil to those areas in order to continue the cycle of health.

Weather is also a major contributing factor to the quality of top soil. Weather that is either too wet or dry can erode the soil, take away the soil’s capability of feeding plants effectively, or even drown the plant roots and make it impossible for them to reach the soil. Whatever the case, utilizing top soil to replace or enhance current ground can make a major difference in the number, quality, and health of plants.