How A Drugs And Narcotics Attorney In Grand Rapids, MI Can Help You

by | Jul 29, 2013 | Criminal Defense

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A Drugs and Narcotics Attorney in Grand Rapids MI is an attorney that handles cases that relate to drug possession, trafficking, and DUI charges. These offenses present the probability of jail or prison sentences, hefty fines, and a permanent criminal record if convicted. In relation to drug-based charges, the quantity of the drug determines whether the charge received is simply possession, or if it is considered possession with the intent of distributing.

Why You Need A Drugs and Narcotics Attorney in Grand Rapids MI?

A criminal law firm is familiar with drug defense laws that may apply to your specific offense. The attorneys that practice, within the firm can explain your options for your defense case in terms of these laws. The first step is to select an attorney who has a proven track record with criminal law cases. You should choose a Drugs and Narcotics Attorney in Grand Rapids based on his or her success rating. This is after all your life that you are placing into his or her hands.

Drug and Narcotics Offenses:


DUI laws apply to the use of narcotics and other drugs while driving as well as alcohol. If you are accused of DUI in relation to these drugs, you may face additional charges. In the event that the arresting officer discovers narcotics or prescription drugs that are not prescribed to you, you may face drug possession charges. If the quantity of this drug implies that you could be attempting to distribute the drugs you will face trafficking charges. Your attorney will review criminal defense laws that apply to any additional charges.

Drug Manufacturing and Distribution

A drug defense lawyer will explain to you that the probable sentence for this charge begins at ten years. If your offense is classified as a federal offense, you may receive a sentence of thirty years to life. He or she can explain the drug defense laws that apply to your specific charge and the requirements for fighting it in court.

Drug Possession

If you are charged with drug possession, you need a Drugs and Narcotics Attorney in Grand Rapids MI to represent you. He or she can explain to you the difference between a misdemeanor based drug charge and a felony. These charges are typically based upon the quantity in which you have in your possession at the time of your arrest.


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