Get Proper Compensation after a Workers Comp Injury in Willingboro

by | Aug 17, 2013 | Lawyers

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Getting injured on the job can happen anywhere and to anyone. This includes something as simple as having your foot run over by someone else’s chair in an office environment. While it may seem trivial, if your foot was injured to a point that you needed medical attention, you don’t have to foot the bill. A worker’s comp claim can be filed to cover the cost. On the other end of the spectrum are injuries that happen over time and catastrophic that no one saw coming. Both of the latter types of accidents incur a Workers Comp Injury in Willingboro situation that causes a claim to be initiated.

Having an accident on the job that causes severe injury requiring extensive medical care and rehabilitation is a valid Workers Comp Injury in Willingboro. You didn’t expect to be injured while working, and your employer had a duty of care that it failed when you got hurt. The worker’s compensation insurance is there to cover the cost of your medical care as well as your income while you are unable to work. It’s considered to be a no-fault situation when you file for a Workers Comp Injury in Willingboro claim. That means that you waive your right to sue the employer for allowing the accident to happen.

While you sign off on not suing your employer, you can sue for proper compensation after a Workers Comp Injury in Willingboro. The insurer is supposed to make good on your wages and medical treatment, but sometimes falls short for whatever reason. It’s at this point where legal representation is needed in order to ensure that you get your full benefits.

Another potential issue with a claim for Workers Comp Injury in Willingboro is when the insurer disputes the reason behind the claim. This tends to happen when the injury came on over years of your employment with the company. You know you were injured as a result of your job, have medical documentation of the treatments you sought, and there is no denying where the injuries came from. This is where your lawyer goes to the insurer and tells them to shape up and pay or else face a lawsuit. You have a legitimate claim to the benefits and you should not be denied.



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