Georgetown AC Repair Tips to Extend the Life of Your Unit

by | Aug 16, 2013 | Air Conditioning

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Most air conditioning units have an average lifespan of about 10 to 15 years. AC units that have been regularly serviced often outlast those that have received little to no maintenance. Since replacing your air conditioner can be a big investment, you’ll want to do everything in your power to extend the life of your AC unit. Here you will find several key tips from Georgetown AC repair experts on how to make your cooling system run smoothly and longer.

Check for Leaks
Have your air conditioning system checked for leaks regularly – twice a year is sometimes recommended. The best time for this type of maintenance is before the summer season, as well as before the fall or winter when you’re getting prepared to turn off your unit. Leaky hoses are a common source for AC unit malfunctioning. A simple inspection by a HVAC company can prevent these costly breakdowns.

Keep the Condenser Clear
The part of the AC unit that sits outside and does all of the cooling is referred to as the condenser. To help your air conditioner run more efficiently, ensure that the condenser is away from grass clippings, shrubs, trees, and brush.

Clean the Ductwork
It is advisable to have the ductwork of your air conditioning unit professionally cleaned by a Georgetown AC repair company at least every two years. Not only can cleaning the ductwork extend the lifespan of your AC unit, but it can also prevent it from overheating.

Protect from Sunlight
Direct contact on your air conditioning unit from the sun forces your unit to work harder to stay cool. Keep direct sunlight off of your air conditioner by planting small trees or shrubs between the AC unit and the sun. However, don’t plant close enough where fallen leaves and debris become a problem.

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