The two largest Federal programs providing assistance to people with disabilities are Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Insurance. The Social Security Administration controls and allocates the benefits of these programs to people who they deem meet the medical requirements for disability assistance. Unfortunately, an overwhelming majority of disability claims are denied for one reason or another; the denial statistics range from 65% on the first claim to 85% on the appeal. This is where hiring a good lawyer or law firm comes into play. In Pennsylvania, the approval rate of a disability claim is 32%, comparably the same as the national average. If you want to ensure a more successful rate, you will look for the right Social Security Disability Lawyer in Franklin.

The disability process can be long, grueling and quite frightening if you try to handle it on your own. In Pennsylvania, the good thing is that they have shortened a step in the process by removing the reconsideration step. The bad news is that after requesting an appeal hearing, it may take almost 14 months to get heard, about 90 days more than the national average. Therefore, you want security in knowing you have someone who will represent you expeditiously. You want to feel confident you have the best suited Social Security Disability Lawyer in Franklin.

The law firm of Gillick, Wicht, Gillick& Graf offers comprehensive injury representation in Pennsylvania. They provide consultation on personal injury and worker’s comp but also offer to give you the best shot at resolving your Social Security Disability claim favorably. They want you to know that a denial is not necessarily the end; it does not meant you can’t qualify for disability benefits. You should continue to fight for your benefit rights, regardless of how long the process.

The attorneys at Gillick, Wicht, Gillick& Graf will aid you through each stage, giving you the best chances to get your Social Security benefits and your Supplemental Security insurance if you qualify. The rules involved in Social Security cases are very specific, so you want to be certain you have competent representation, someone who speaks the language of the system. You can contact the law firm of Gillick, Wicht, Gillick& Graf in Franklin for your free consultation.

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