Ensure Your Air Conditioner Runs Properly With Quality Ac service

by | Jul 1, 2014 | Heating & Air conditioning

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Selecting the best method of cooling your home is important for keeping your family comfortable, but this is just the beginning. One of the most important parts of owning any air conditioner is keeping it functional and for this to happen it needs regular cleaning and routine AC service. The air conditioner works by pulling air through a chilled coil. This circulation of air brings dust and dirt into the system which can clog the coils. Even with a dust filter in place this dirt can get through and when it does it mixes with the moisture that collects on the coil. After a while this dirt will block the air flow and reduce the cooling capacity of the system.

Of course, Ac service isn’t just about cleaning the air conditioner. It is also an important point in keeping the system running when you need it the most. Air conditioners fail for various reasons. For instance, the condenser system might fail which would stop the refrigerant from cycling properly or the electronics may break causing all sorts of problems. However, one of the most important components of the air conditioner is the thermostat. This piece of the system controls when the A/C should cycle on and off. Its failure could cause the whole unit to stop working or it could have it operating erratically.

The electronics in modern air conditioners control the cycle of the system. This cycling allows the condenser to operate only when required and switches the fan off and on as needed. The A/C receives a signal from the thermostat that the desired temperature has been reached and the system cycles off. If these electronics aren’t functioning properly this signal may never work and the unit keeps operating. Alternately, if the electronics are weak then the signal may never actually arrive to turn the air conditioner on. Another important component in the A/C are the fans. There are usually two in larger systems.

One is used to remove heat from the refrigerant and the other is the blower motor that spreads the chilled air. These fans are important to ensure the appliance operates correctly. To learn more about air conditioning service contact Service 1 Heating & AC Inc.

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