Should You Enroll Your Kids in a Private School in The Woodlands TX?

by | Oct 17, 2013 | Education

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Many parents are considering whether or not to keep their kids in a public school environment. The decision is not made any easier, however, by things such as the availability and quality of an alternate learning environment and a parent’s ability to homeschool. Let’s take a look at these issues and hopefully help you decide on a course of action best for your kids.

State Educational Requirements and More

In the state of Texas, as in other states, there are certain core requirements that must be met in order for your child to be homeschooled or privately schooled and earn a high school diploma. Fortunately, there are private classes available that use a curriculum designed to meet the state’s core standards. In addition to meeting these requirements in math, science, English and history, parents can decide to add learning in subjects of their choice, including those no longer offered in the public school system, such as art, music and more.

Class Schedules

There are private educational providers in The Woodlands TX that offer regular class schedules with small student-to-teach ratios in a relaxed environment conducive to learning. The benefit of private school classes is that your child receives individual attention and a broader spectrum of learning than in public schools. As mentioned above, parents are free to supplement this learning (usually half a day) after class in any way they see fit.

Are You Cut Out to Homeschool?

Perhaps the greatest fear of parents electing to take their kids out of the public school system is the ability to teach. You may know homeschool parents who spend hours developing a curriculum and finding the resources necessary to teach core subjects. If the prospect makes you uneasy, rest assured that private schools do the heavy lifting for you. They’ve already got a curriculum in place, along with qualified instructors who enjoy teaching. Your job is simply to augment that learning, which takes a lot of pressure off moms and dads who aren’t confident in their ability to teach a full curriculum.

Enrolling in a private school in The Woodlands TX or other Houston suburb is a viable option for parents who want something more than what a public school education provides for their children. With conveniently scheduled classes, an attention to state core requirements and small class sizes, this could be the perfect solution.


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