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Dry Eye Treatment in Fort Myers FL

Dry eye treatment depends on the condition, as if its mild only eye drops would be enough. However, drops causing redness should be avoided. But, sometimes the conditions get worse, so another way of treatment is required. Doctors in Greeley CO use various ways to treat this problem.

Sometimes, the reasons lay behind a certain drug, which may cause dry eyes, so doctors recommend stopping this medication, and replacing it with another one. If it happens due to eyelids that cannot be closed, you must see a doctor for surgery. There are also many other diseases including arthritis that cause eye issues, hence that should also be treated separately. So, first the root cause is found, it’s treated and if still the condition persists, then eye treatment becomes necessary.

Drugs used

They are recommended by the specialists and they include,
1. Antibiotics: If the tears don’t have oil then antibiotics are required to eliminate inflammation. This drug is taken in the form of pills or eye drops depending on the situation.
2. Another eye drops is also prescribed to reduce inflammation, as restasis or any other that has corticosteroids.
3. Inserts are also prescribed which resembles a rice grain and it is inserted into the eye, and used once a day. It gets dissolved in the eye creating lubricant.

Some other treatments include,
1. Tear ducts are closed so that water does not flow much out of your eyes. This duct is plugged with silicon, and after the treatment they can be either taken out or are left inside the eye. The process needs heat in the form of thermal cautery which numbs the spot and then a hot wire is used, that causes shrinkage of the tissues resulting the duct closure. Doctors often use this process for dry eye treatment in Greeley CO.
2. Another way is to cover the eyes with lenses which provide a safety shield to the eye, keeping the moisture and removing dry eyes. These lenses are known as bandage or shield lenses.
3. Sometimes the oil glands are blocked that need to be opened which is done through LipiFlo thermal. During the process, an equipment as eye cup is placed on the eyes, and it provides a warm massage to the eye and it takes 15 minutes. This is a newly developed process hence it takes time and shows the results usually in a few days.

Regarding the natural treatments, the doctors recommend taking more water, as sometimes dehydration also causes dry eyes or make it bad, moreover this works a lot especially in hot weather. According to a research a woman needs 91 ounces of water per day, whereas men need 125 ounces. So water should be taken in various forms including pure water, milk and juices etc.

Similarly, if it happens due to environment inside the house then you need a humidifier to add moisture to the air. This is necessary where too much air conditioner is used. Contact Parkview Family Eye Center for more information about all these ways act as a dry eye treatment in Greeley CO.

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