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Commercial Painting Contractors – Good Price, Good Quality or Good Service – Pick Two!

If your business needs interior or exterior painting, you may not have time to do the work yourself. In fact, commercial painting is challenging work, and you need the best equipment and materials for the job. When you hire commercial painting contractors in Seattle, WA area, you deserve high quality, a fair price, and good service, but finding a company in the Puget Sound region providing all three of these things is not always easy. You may have to pick two of them, but it is possible to find companies delivering all three. Here is important information on the subject.


What is the best way to ensure a quality paint job? Go with bonded and licensed local painting contractors like WOW 1 Day Painting in Seattle, WA. These services never subcontract their work or use cheap labor. You get their best painters, and if anything happens, you know their insurance can cover it.


The best commercial and house painting companies in Seattle, WA only deliver quality work. It costs more to use the best paint, equipment, and to pay for the right kind of insurance. Although their work is not always the cheapest in town, it is as good as it gets and the prices are reasonable.


If you call a professional house painting company to your place of business, you expect proper treatment. For example, the contractor is always courteous and helpful and considerate of your time. They give you a detailed estimate for the work and explain everything they plan to do. You should receive a written contract with everything fully explained also. This is the law in Washington. Another important part of the best painting services in Seattle, WA includes a satisfaction guarantee with a seven-year warranty on the labor and materials.

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