Commercial Heating vs. Residential Heating: Information from a Commercial Heating Contractor in Waldorf, MD

Commercial buildings are often much larger and grander in scale than residential houses and apartments. Thus, the heating and cooling systems that regulate the climate within these buildings differ greatly from their residential counterparts. This article will cover the basic differences between residential and commercial heating systems and provide some information on the maintenance of these systems.

Here Are Some of These Differences:

  • Sophistication: Commercial heating systems naturally have a much higher level of sophistication and complexity than residential systems. Exhaust and drainage must travel over a larger area and this requires additional and different parts.
  • Alterability: Commercial heating systems are often modular in nature, which means that the parts are much more interchangeable than in a residential system. In a commercial system, parts can be substituted and replaced in ways that cannot be done in a residential system.
  • Organization: A commercial system is usually inside a single rooftop box while a residential system may have different parts located throughout the building.
  • Placement: Residential heating systems are usually placed at the ground level while commercial systems are often found on the rooftops of buildings.

System Maintenance

For commercial heating systems to run properly, they must be properly maintained. This is where a professional commercial heating contractor comes in. The best choice you can make is to call a commercial heating contractor for the maintenance of your commercial heating systems.


These are some of the differences between commercial and residential heating systems, brought to you by an experienced commercial heating contractor in Waldorf, MD. If you live in Waldorf and you are in need of commercial heating systems maintenance, you should contact an experienced Waldorf commercial heating contractor today!

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