Brick Paving Needs Regular Power Cleanings in Fort Myers, FL Sep15


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Brick Paving Needs Regular Power Cleanings in Fort Myers, FL

Paver stones create a beautiful patterned area on your property. The trouble is, they need a little more upkeep than plain concrete or black asphalt. Brick paver cleaning in Fort Myers, FL is a regular business, and with good reason.

Hurricane Debris

Paver stones have a lot of seams where the edges of each stone meet. These seams accumulate a lot of debris, particularly during hurricane season. If you don’t power wash them thoroughly after the storms have subsided, small weeds and plants begin growing up in the seams of the paver stones.

Additionally, dirt and debris collect on the top of the pavers. It can dull the look of the stone and create the perfect environment for growing algae and moss. Hiring a brick paver cleaning in Fort Myers, FL helps restore the stones to their more attractive state.

Combatting Erosion

Wind and weather in Florida tend to erode paver stones over time. If you clean them regularly, you are removing the loose bits that grate against the larger stones. With the loose bits gone, the stones last longer and will not erode as quickly. After cleaning the stones, adding a professional sealing agent ensures that the stones will hold up a little longer.

One company that is invested in both the installation and maintenance of your paver stone areas is South West Pavers, LLC. You should contact them via their website, for more information on how to maintain the beauty and longevity of your paver stones.