Best Types Of Privacy Fences From A Fence Contractor In Riverside

by | May 5, 2014 | Fence Contractor, Fencing

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Privacy is important for many homeowners and a fence not only offers solitude, but it also enhances the appearance of your property. When you contact a Fence contractor in Riverside to put up your fence, you’ll have a professionally installed fence and the privacy that you need. Wood and vinyl fencing materials are often used for privacy fences and you’ll learn about both types below.


Private and semi-private fences can be constructed with vinyl fencing materials. Private fences are available in heights up to 8 feet high and this type of fence offers complete privacy around your property. A semi-private fence is constructed with narrow gaps between each slat which allows the air and sunlight to filter through. Although a semi-private fence does offer ample privacy from the outside world, it’s not total seclusion as with a solid privacy fence. Vinyl privacy fences are available in several different colors including white, khaki, gray, green, red and wood grain. Vinyl fences are very easy to maintain and simple to clean with detergent and water. This fencing material never needs to be painted and it won’t rot or become insect infested.


A wooden privacy fence may be more your style if you prefer the natural look of wood. Wood privacy fences can be constructed at any height and a solid wood fence can give you all the privacy you’ll need. You can stain or paint your wood fence in any color you choose, so your color choices aren’t limited. Cedar is resistant to rotting and it repels insects due to its natural scent. During the manufacturing process, the wood is pressure treated, so you can expect your wooden privacy fence to last for around 20 years. During installation, the Fence contractor in Riverside will set the wooden posts deep into concrete, so the fence will also be sturdy. Wood fences are easy to repair and they are one of the less costly types of fencing materials available.

Mesa Fence Company is a locally owned and operated company that offers commercial, residential and ranch fencing. Types of fencing materials available include wood, vinyl, chain link and iron.


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