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3 Reasons Why Residents Choose Independent Senior Living in Spokane, WA

It may seem surprising, but many active, healthy Spokane seniors now voluntarily move from their homes so they can live in managed communities. That is often because today’s Independent Senior Living in Spokane WA feels like a vacation. To many, that is exactly what it is. They sell high-maintenance properties to move to communities like Orchard Crest Retirement Community, where they can relax and make new friends without worrying about personal safety.

Seniors Give Up the Heavy Lifting

Many seniors who have spent their lives maintaining family homes look forward to giving up the job when they retire. Instead of spending hours painting, raking, and mowing, they move into charming apartments surrounded by manicured grounds that are tended by someone else. When they choose Independent Senior Living in Spokane WA, seniors can even give up cooking, since first-class communities offer residents the option to order all three daily meals from the community kitchens.

Residents Make Interesting New Friends

Seniors also choose retirement communities to improve their social lives. That is especially important to those who find themselves living alone and separated from other family members by many miles. They can get lonely and depressed without company. A well-run independent living program provides access to a wide range of activities residents can enjoy with others. In fact, they can pack their days and evenings with activities like exercise classes, outings, games, holiday events, and musical performances. It is easy for seniors to find interesting companions at gatherings because other residents often share life experiences.

Communities Offer Safety and Security

The availability of medical help and security attracts many seniors to retirement communities. Apartments include features like safety buttons that residents push each morning so the staff knows they are okay. Residents also have access to 24-hour staff, an on-site nurse practitioner, and routine transportation to health providers. Many choose this safe, secure environment so they never feel like they are burdens on their families.

Today, it is common for healthy, energetic seniors to move into retirement communities. They often want to make new friends and enjoy life without home maintenance. First-rate communities also offer a wealth of security features and ensure residents’ well-being by providing 24-hour access to staff and medical help. Follow us on Twitter.