Why You Should Always Hire a Licensed Contractor for Home Waterproofing Jobs

Even if you are a superstar when it comes to DIY home repairs, there are some home maintenance projects that really require a specialist and special equipment.  Some of these projects include Crawl Space Encapsulation and Basement Waterproofing.  Charlotte NC has a very humid climate, which means that the crawl spaces and basements of the houses in Charlotte are very vulnerable to the growth of mold, which is a major hazard to health and safety.  Especially if you are used to completing home maintenance projects within a small budget by doing most of the repairs yourself, you might be tempted to hire an unlicensed contractor to do the job, because it might be less expensive.  This is not a good idea, though; you should always hire a licensed contractor for home repairs, even when it costs a bit more.

The Physically and Financially Safe Choice

Dry Otter Waterproofing is a fully licensed and insured company.  This means that all of our technicians regular take exams to prove their knowledge of the most up to date equipment and regulations regarding waterproofing for basements and crawl spaces and can be held legally accountable for the quality of their work and honesty of their business dealings.

Conversely, if they hire unlicensed workers to do Basement Waterproofing, Charlotte NC homeowners can find themselves in quite a pickle.  If the workers do a bad job, not only will you have to have someone else fix it, but the chances are very high that your homeowners’ insurance will not pay for the repairs.  Most homeowners’ insurance policies stipulate that repairs must be done by licensed contractors.

You Can Count on Dry Otter

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