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Why Helical Piles are Becoming Popular

In the past few years, helical piles were only used as an alternative method in the construction of concrete foundation and were rarely requested unless in special cases. However, it has gained acceptance in many forums since its approval by the International Building Code. Besides that, many constructors have come to terms with the benefits it provides compared to other foundation designs. Despite the fact that it has not been popular, it has been in the market long enough. These piles are dated to have started over a hundred years ago. They are appropriate for old buildings as well as construction of new buildings. With their diverse experience in using this type of foundation, Helical Piles Mississippi service lists a few of the reasons why this method has managed to triumph over the others.

Suitable for existing buildings

There are many instances where old foundations have backfired. Many people thus get stuck as they do not know what to do. It is costly to have the entire foundation removed so that you have a new one installed. It is relaxing to know that you can install new foundation on the existing one and have it look as old as new. Ewing and Ray have had numerous successful foundations fixed in this manner.

Vibration free

The major reason that has popularized this method of installing foundation is the fact that it is vibration free. If you are worried that the process of installation will be noisy and will in turn cause a lot of disturbance, then this is the right method for you. The fact that a torque motor is used to turn it minimizes noise since it is similar to turning a screw in wood. It is very appropriate for existing buildings when you want to maintain peace in your neighborhood.


Normally, the equipment used to install helical piles is much lighter and smaller. This way, the mobilization cost is minimized unlike the ones used in other foundations. It also makes it easier for contractors to install it on smaller buildings or places that are confined. It is usually hard for larger equipment to fit in small buildings making it impossible to install this type of foundation.

The foundation of any house contributes a lot to its attractiveness; Helical Piles Mississippi company can help you bring that amazing look back. Get in touch with Ewing & Ray Foundation Services.

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