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The Texas Lemon Law

Every state in the union has their own version of a lemon law, a law that provides protection to vehicle buyers from cars with certain defects that cannot be rectified.

Like most states, the Texas lemon law states that if you buy a new car and it turns out to have serious defects that are covered under the new car warranty that cannot be repaired, the vehicle manufacturer must either give you your money back or a new car. It is not as easy as it sounds; the law is tricky so when you do buy a new car maintain complete service records just in case your new car is a lemon.

How does Texas law define a lemon?

There a few standards that are applied, they include:

* The total number of attempts that have been made to rectify the same problem
* Has the car been out of service and if so, how long?
* Does the defect constitute a serious safety issue?

A number of attempts to repair:

You will have to prove that four different attempts were made to fix the problem in the first two years. To attempts must have been made in the first years or 12 thousand miles and two more attempts were made in the second year or an additional 12 thousand miles.

Out of service test:

Your car may meet the Texas lemon law standard if, within the first two years it was out of service a total of 30 days, two attempts were made to fix the problem this time, and the dealer failed to provide you with alternative transportation by offering a loaner car.

Serious safety issue:

In the event the defect threatens the life of the vehicle occupants or drastically impedes normal vehicle operation, the vehicle will qualify under the Texas lemon law if it was in for repair once in the first year and once in the second year and the problem persists.

You stand a far better chance of getting a refund or a new car when you hire an attorney that is familiar with the Texas lemon law.

If your new car has a serious defect, you can rely on the Texas lemon law for help. For more information on the law and an introduction to Texas lemon law attorneys, you are invited to visit

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