Why Are SUVs Becoming Increasingly Popular? Aug02


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Why Are SUVs Becoming Increasingly Popular?

If you are looking for a powerful vehicle with extra seating, an SUV could be your perfect choice. SUVs such as the Ford Edge are perfect for any size of family. It’s standard features along with optional features are sure to satisfy both adults and children, while maintaining their safety. Exterior features, such as lighting to see during severe weather and traction control to prevent accidents from occurring, serve as reasons why this vehicle is becoming more popular. If you are considering an SUV, there are many benefits that can be gained.

Additional seating

Extra seating is always a must-have for large families, pets, or those who enjoy traveling. Having extra space inside is one of the main benefits of purchasing an SUV. The extra seating and interior space that an SUV provides is one of the biggest benefits of owning an SUV.  The new Ford Edge in Chicago, IL, offers seating for five passengers is an example of an SUV that is large, but still compact enough to travel without the extra bulk.


SUVS can get about 25 miles per gallon with a combination of city and highway driving and at least 30 miles per gallon while driving on the highway only.


Many SUVs offer a third row to seating for additional passengers. In addition to this extra seating, there is also an abundance of trunk space to carry all of your belongings so they are not crammed in with the passengers on the floor or seats.


While a truck provides the ultimate power for towing and transporting equipment and even other cars, an SUV serves this purpose as well. Although a bit smaller and less powerful than some trucks, an SUV can provide more seating that a truck all while performing the same tasks.

Driving in Severe Weather

SUVs are the better option for snow, rain, and ice rather than driving a car because they weigh more, providing more stability and traction. A four-wheel drive vehicle such as an SUV can navigate any terrain.

Smooth Ride

Today, SUVs are built to ride just as smoothly as a sedan. To enhance this smooth ride, passengers are provided with all of the high-tech features that are seen in sportier cars such as video location monitors, Bluetooth capabilities, personal climate controllers, and leather seats.

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