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Stocking Up on Police Gear and Supplies? 4 Mistakes Rookie Cops Make

You’re going on patrol for the first time. Read on to know about common rookie mistakes when it comes to stocking up on supplies and gear. By doing so, you will know what to avoid:

Not packing an extra uniform

Keep an extra uniform or change of clothes in your locker or patrol car. Police One says it’s highly likely that you’ll end up with some sort of slime or smear on your uniform right before you need to go to work. With an extra set of clothes handy, you won’t have to worry about going on patrol with a layer of slime, grease or dirt on you.

Not making any lists

A checklist of every single police duty gear you need helps you keep things on an organized keel. It’s also useful when it’s time to check your inventory again and you could list down which items need to be replenished and which ones still have more than enough to last you until the next batch of orders.

Not stocking on supplies

Using the proper tools makes life easier. That’s why it’s smart and practical to stock up on police duty gear items and essentials. If you don’t want to find yourself in a situation wherein access to those supplies would have resulted in faster or more efficient results, remember to stock up.

Not checking your supplies

Know that your supplies won’t last you forever. That means you’ll need to regularly check your items and replenish those must-have essentials. If you keep forgetting about that, take measures to improve the situation. Set an alarm about it so you’ll know when it’s time to check your inventory and make a list of all the things you’ll need to shell out money for. That way, you won’t have to miss stocking on much-needed supplies and gear.

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