Simplify Dancing With East Coast Swing Dance Lessons Kingwood TX Jun14


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Simplify Dancing With East Coast Swing Dance Lessons Kingwood TX

Dancing is considered a fun and entertaining activity for many individuals worldwide. The act entails one individual or many people who move their body parts together to the music of their choice. Besides, one can choose to use various dance styles, according to their one likes and preferences. One of the most commonly used dance styles is east coast swing dance, which is used by many individuals, especially those who are familiar with its expected moves. The dance style involves two or more individuals and is usually fun when people of the opposite sex perform the moves together. Below is a look at the various moves in East Coast Swing Dance Lessons Kingwood TX.

Individuals who are not familiar with the east coast swing dance style can easily learn the various moves that it entails, and this can be successfully achieved through the help of a professional, or an individual who is already familiar with it. One of the moves in the dance style is the Swayze, which entails the performance of various body movements by the parties involved. In this step, the leader of the dancers initiates a stride in front; he then brings his middle towards that of the following dancer. In this performance, the right hand of the lead dancer should be below the back of the other dancer who follows his moves. The two individuals then turn to the clockwise direction, then separate way from each other.

Cuddle drop is also the other type of move in East Coast Swing Dance Lessons Kingwood TX. The move entails the dancers holding their hand, and then cuddling as well as exercising body contact. The move is considered fun by many individuals, as it brings people together, especially partners. In the same move, the dancers slip together and also turn clockwise; they also perform other moves as part of the process.

Mini drag is also one move to look out for in the east coast dance style, and it also entails the dancers performing various moves, to achieve it. The dancers hold their right and left hands, then the leader of the dance moves in the clockwise direction while his follower also moves. The follow then drags her feet towards the leader of the dance that already has performed several other moves. For more information on the dance style, visit Fred Astaire Dance Studios.

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