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Getting Into Healthcare

If you are considering changing careers and want to get into healthcare, then it can seem intimidating. After all, doctors have to go to school for years, and nurses have to have at least a two-year degree, but there are other options for those who want to go into healthcare but don’t want to spend years in school to get there. There are many fast healthcare certification courses that can get you working soon. Here are a few courses that are offered.

EKG Tech

An EKG technician monitors the EKG machine, or electrocardiogram, to keep an eye on patient’s vitals. Usually, there will only be one or two EKG tech per department, and they will monitor all of the patients. The EKG tech simply alerts the doctor or nurse when something is irregular. While some hospitals will offer on the job training for this position, most require some type of formal training. By being trained you open the doors for many more opportunities as well as a potentially higher pay rate.

SPD Tech

An SPD tech, or sterile processing and distribution technician, is responsible for cleaning and sterilizing lab equipment as well as setting it up and distributing it in many cases. Training for this position varies, but some training centers offer certification in less than two months. You will learn different sterilization methods to use and how to properly sterilize used the surgical equipment. Anything that is reused will have to go through this process, so this is a position that every hospital and surgical center will need to have on staff in order to maintain their equipment.

There are other positions that you can quickly be trained on how to perform as well. By taking on a position like this, you will be able to enter the healthcare industry and hopefully gain some insight into how it works and determine if you want to continue your education.

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