First-Time Home Buyer? 4 Things to Consider When Hiring an Agent

Home buying can be a thoroughly daunting experience. How do you know if it’s the right one for you? Are there signs? Do you go online and hope for the best? If you’re a first-time buyer, navigating the confusing world of property buying can mean an overload of stress. Hiring a real estate agent to show you those homes for sale should go on top of your list.

Find out about expertise and experience

Agents with plenty of experience in the field make for a wise choice. However, experience alone isn’t going to be enough. Determine where your agent’s expertise lies as well. Does she have experience finding and dealing with properties similar to what you have in mind?

Look for an app

Some real estate companies now offer apps to make it easier for you to browse through available properties in the areas you like. This could make the process go with greater speed and convenience. With an app, you can bookmark those properties to discuss in greater detail with your agent.

Ask for references

It doesn’t hurt to hear from past clients and how their experience went with the agent, U.S. News suggests. Request for a list of references and call those numbers up. Will they use the realtor again? Will they recommend the agent to their contacts? These answers can influence your decisions. To keep those conversations on track, though, you might want to prepare a set of questions. This should help you cover a lot of ground when you talk to past clients.

Consider fit and mindset

When you look for homes for sale, pick an agent who’s more than a set of credentials. Look for someone you can get along with too. That’s going to make the home buying process a great deal more pleasant.

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