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When would your dentist suggest a root canal?

You may have heard many times that a root canal is a very painful procedure, there actually is no truth to this; root canal therapy in New York is no more or no less painful than any other invasive dental procedure. The primary concern of a dentist is to save teeth whenever possible, having a root canal is just one way that the dentist can avoid having to extract one of your teeth.

A root canal is needed when the tooth pulp is infected; this is often caused by decay or trauma.

When would your dentist suggest a root canal?

If there is an infection deep inside a tooth, often the only solution is to perform a root canal. The tooth pulp, that part of the tooth that carries the nerves and blood vessels can become infected, if left untreated it may actually reach the point where even root canal therapy in New York cannot save it.

How does a dentist perform a root canal?

A typical root canal will take two appointments with the dentist.

  • The first thing the dentist does is numb the tooth and the area surrounding it. Once the tooth is numb, a dental dam is placed over it. A dental dam is a thin square of rubber, the objective of the dam is to catch any debris and to keep the site dry during the procedure.
  • Using very small tools that are basically files, the dentist will enter the tooth through a small hole that was previously drilled in the top of the tooth. The damaged tissue and the infection are slowly pulled out through the opening. The inner chamber of the tooth eventually will be irrigated; the dentist will put a few drops of solution that will destroy any remaining bacteria.
  • A material somewhat akin to rubber is used to fill the chamber and a temporary cap will be placed. In a couple of weeks a permanent crown will be placed on top of the tooth.

As is true with any dental procedure, your dentist will insist that you maintain excellent oral care, brush twice a day and floss in the evenings. With proper care a tooth that has been subjected to root canal therapy in New York will last for the rest of your life.

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