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Cataract Surgery In Barrington: Unexpected Benefits

Cataracts are a clouding of your eye’s lens, which is behind the pupil and iris. You may not be able to see it when you look in the mirror, but it can cause vision loss. It is a progressive condition that worsens with age, but cataract surgery in Barrington can help you see better and offer a variety of other benefits.

When people don’t know they have cataracts, they may start making life changes to compensate for their loss of vision. You may need more light while reading or may not be able to drive at night safely. These changes can affect your life in severe ways and can even cause anxiety or depression.

Improve Life Quality

Cataracts in one or both eyes can prevent you from doing everyday things, such as driving, cooking, and reading. They can also stop you from doing fun activities, such as playing video games, writing/emailing, and much more. Studies have shown that people who had cataract surgery in Barrington and other places improved up to 36 percent after their procedure than those who had no surgical procedure done on their cataracts.

Decrease Fractures/Falls

Falling is a regular part of growing up, as babies and toddlers do it all the time. However, as you get older, your bones become more brittle. A fall can cause you to break or fracture bones and can even lead to death. Cataracts impair your vision so much that you can fall while walking, risking more injury to your health.

Chance To Live Longer/Better

Long-term studies have shown that those who have a surgical procedure have a better chance of living longer than those who don’t and just live with their cataracts.

Cataract surgery in Barrington can allow you to do the things you love without the risk of injuring yourself and others. Visit Jacksoneye today for more information.

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