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What is the best method for varicose veins removal?

Are you affected with medium to large sized varicose veins and you are trying to find the best solutions? If so, you may want to consider varicose veins removal services offered by your local phlebologist. Varicose veins removal services can help you to get rid of unattractive, large veins that have formed in your legs. These varicose veins can sometimes cause health concerns but in most cases, the desire to remove them is purely aesthetic. However you can contact your local vein specialist to find out more information about varicose veins removal.

What is the best technique?

Research and experience has shown that the very best technique for varicose veins removal is actually foam sclerotherapy which follows correction of refux sources by endovenous radial laser. This is a procedure that involves injecting sclerosing solution in the form of foam into the affected vein. The foam works to close off the vein and blocks the flow of blood to that large feeder vein. When this happens, the condition is able to resolve itself within a relatively short amount of time.

Is sclerotherapy right for you?

You may be wondering whether or not sclerotherapy is the right option for varicose veins removal. The good news is that sclerotherapy is relatively safe for everyone specially when administered by an experienced and well trained medical doctor, and hasn’t been known to cause extensive allergic reactions. In addition, there is no need for anesthesia using this method since it can be completed while the patient is still awake.

Why choose foam?

Prior to using foam, doctors were using liquid sclerosing agent however foam has been proven to be more effective. This is because the foam stays in contact with the inner surface of the vein for a longer time period , by completely displacing blood at site of treatment which allows it to be more effective.

By exploring the best varicose veins removal techniques, you can be well on your way to removing varicose veins once and for all.

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