Astonishing Uses For Wholesale Ice Cubes in Long Island NY Jun16


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Astonishing Uses For Wholesale Ice Cubes in Long Island NY

When one thinks of ice cubes, they generally think of cooling down a cocktail or another beverage. What else can be done with the modest ice cube? Lots, it turns out! Here are some fun and fantastic uses for wholesale ice cubes in Long Island, NY that most probably were not even aware of.

* Ice can act as a makeup saver. If there is no time to put on makeup before going out, try wrapping an ice cube in a fine cloth and rub it on the face. It gives the skin a fresh look without ever applying makeup whatsoever. If there is time to put on makeup, do the same thing but do it before the makeup is applied and it will last longer throughout the day and night.

* Apply ice on acne to help lessen the effects. By placing ice directly on the acne, the pores will close, thereby cutting off the chance they can become infected by harmful bacteria. Acne scars can be reduced simply by putting ice in a fine cloth and rubbing it over the inflamed areas. Within minutes, the skin will be soothed, and the inflammation will be decreased.

* Sometimes, accidents happen and chewing gum can become stuck on clothing, upholstery, or even hair. Apply ice for several minutes to the sticky mess, and it will harden. After this, the gum can be peeled or scraped away from the scene of the accident.

* Believe it or not, ice cubes pair great with leftover rice. Reheating rice by itself can cause it to become dried out and bland. The next time the nutritious grains need to be heated back up again, place an ice cube or two in the middle of the container. The resulting steam from the melting wholesale ice cubes in Long Island, NY, help the rice regain the fluffiness and make it appealing again.

For more interesting tidbits about ice, to find out where the nearest place is to grab a large bag of it or even if a large block of ice is needed for a party, contact They are the undisputed masters of all things frozen in the Long Island area.

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