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How Adding Dry Erase Paint Can Change Your Entire Space

One of the biggest trends in home design for busy families is adding pin boards or dry erase boards to the common spaces. The so-called “command center” is the hub of the everyday activity of the modern family, and nothing helps pull it together as well as a place to jot down everything you and your loved ones have going on. Make it a place that’s already part of your most-used room – and easy for everyone to use – and you have the kind of smash hit design element that only dry erase paint can lend.

What is Dry Erase Paint?

Dry erase paint is a clear top coat added to previous coats of paint to allow those surfaces to become a functioning dry erase board. Within a few hours of painting, your surface becomes a place to write down notes, dates, ideas or just doodles to brighten both your room and your mood.

Unlike many other kinds of paint, dry erase top coats can be applied to nearly any flat surface. Wooden panels and cabinetry, flooring, wall coverings and papers and more can all become beautiful, functional dry erase boards. Additionally, the coat can be painted on in any shape and design, creating gorgeous, seamless and visually interesting spaces for your family to keep their ideas together.

How Do I Use Dry Erase Paint?

First, ensure that the paint you’re purchasing is dry erase paint. Consult with your retailer or the details of your online purchase to make sure it can be used for marking and erasing.

After that, it’s much the same as any other top coat. Apply and cure the regular paint you’ve chosen for your room, or clean the existing paint. Then apply the dry erase paint with a roller in smooth, even strokes and allow to cure for several hours after drying. Once the paint is finished curing, it’s ready for you and your family to use and enjoy. Add some to your family’s main rooms today, and keep your schedule and your style on track!

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