3 Mistakes to Avoid When Cooking Steamed Crabs

Cooking steamed crabs is relatively simple, but there are 3 critical mistakes that many people make that take easy to disaster. One of the biggest mistakes people make when steaming crab is that they boil them instead! Avoiding these three common mistakes will ensure that you get to enjoy a robust meal and this delicious.

Mistake # 1 Overcooking

Crabs are not the meatiest to begin with (depending on the size) so you do not want to cook away the meat. The goal is to cook the crabs until they turn a bright red (for blue crabs) which typically takes about 30 minutes. The other goal is to not cover the crabs with water when steaming. About an inch to an inch and a half of water is all it takes. Ideally if you have a steamer basket that would be best to use. Be sure to frequently check the crabs and use a tight covering lid for the pot.

Mistake # 2 Not Seasoning

You only really have one opportunity to season the crabs to enhance the flavor. You want to season the crabs BEFORE they go into the pot. You can also season the water for a lighter flavor. There are plenty of great seasoning pre mixes on the market that can be used to season your crabs.

Mistake # 3 Not Dispatching before Steaming

If you boil crabs you can put them in the pot live but if you are steaming crabs you want to dispatch them before you put them in the steamer. There are a couple of ways that you can dispatch the crab before they enter the pot. Boiling crabs in and of itself dispatches them and keeps the bacteria from their stomachs from tainting the meat. When you steam crabs, they will release the content of their stomach which can taint the meat. Dispatching them first ensures that this does not happen.

With a little prep and by paying attention to avoid those mistakes listed above you will be able to have the crab feast you intend on! You can also avoid the mistakes by ordering steamed crabs from Harbour House Crabs online at ilovecrabs.com! Fresh delicious crabs delivered anywhere from a reliable source helps you to avoid any cooking errors and get the delicious crabs you desire. There is nothing wrong with taking the work out and just enjoying the crabs!

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